LIWA, is located in Jakkur - close to Yelahanka, in the north of the Garden City, Bengaluru. While blending all the creature comforts of home, this hotel property is very much a portal into authentic Indian culture. Strategically situated, LIWA is the ultimate address – serene and private, yet nestled in the city - between the Airport and the heart of the city, Bengaluru – it is sure to impress even the most discerning traveler.  


    LIWA was built of a unique guest-centric, tech-focused design, one that marries the ideas of the upscale, in-town homes with sophisticated boutique hotels. The result brings together the best of both worlds. It stands out as a beautiful blend of the present and the past, with a well-proportioned mix of upscale interiors matched with the impeccable blend of intrinsic beauty thatis sure to enliven the senses.

Whatever your idea of a blissful holiday might be, a tranquil relaxation in style, a joyful family vacation or a vibrant escape for pleasure, the elements of LIWA will conspire to render it into a true experience!!!


The hotel rooms at LIWA have a modern, adaptable design, with innovative features and thoughtful touches that meets the changing demands of the guests today. Travellers today strive for a comfortable work and personal life balance and we, at LIWA, understand that a hotel should be an office away from your office and a home away from your home. And LIWA brings you just that by creating spaces as comfortable as your home.

Radiating beauty and comfort, the rooms exude a mood-lifting freshness and, at the same time, a welcoming warmth.Delicate black and white interiors evoke anincomparable atmosphere of relaxed luxury. The Rooms feature elegant furnishings accented with luxuriant fabrics. Each Room includes a generously proportioned room, with a choice of kingor twin beds, a bathroom with a shower, and a fully equipped mini-bar and other amenities  to make your stay as comfortable as possible.